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Rent Deposit Scheme

The Rent Deposit Scheme allows you a way to your own independent tenancy by supporting you with the upfront costs needed to move in. We can do this by providing a bond guarantee to a landlord, cash deposit or first months’ rent payment.


We want to support you into good quality accommodation with trusted landlords. This scheme is available in the North East, Bradford & Manchester to young people who are able to manage a tenancy without day to day support.


To find out more and to apply complete the contact form below and email it to: once received, one of the team will be in touch with you.   

Find out more with our FAQs

1. Who is eligible for the Rent Deposit Scheme? To be eligible for the scheme you need to be 18- 25 years old, who is able to live independently and can afford a tenancy- if you have any convictions for arson or anti-social behaviour we won’t be able to support you. If you have rent arrears it would be best to speak to us

2. What costs does the scheme cover? We may be able to cover a deposit and or first months’ rent, we also provide a move in grant to help set up your home.

3. What if I need a little bit extra support to set up my tenancy or furnish my new home? We will work with you to get the right support for your needs and will apply on your behalf for grants or funding to furnish your home- each person and property is different and we will tailor support to your needs.

4. What happens after my application & assessment? Once your assessment is complete you will receive a personalised action plan from your Rent Deposit Scheme Worker. This will detail what each party will do next and by when. If we can’t accept you onto the scheme at this time we will explain why and also what your options are.

5. Who searches for the properties & contacts landlord & agents? It will be your responsibility to search for affordable properties (this will be detailed in your action plan) and send the details as soon as possible to your Rent Deposit Scheme worker- they will need the address/ landlord or agent details/ where you have seen the property and rent. You can search for properties online through sites like Right Move/ Zoopla/ On The Market/ DSS Move or directly by contacting local letting agents. You may also see properties advertised as you pass them in the street. Your worker will then contact the landlord or agent to introduce the scheme to them and discuss whether or not they will accept it. If the landlord is willing to work with us, a viewing will be arranged. Your worker MUST view the property before confirming that support can be given, please do not pay any admin fees before this is confirmed as you may lose the fee if the property does not meet our standards.

6) I have been evicted before or have outstanding rent arrears, will I be accepted? Depending on the situation and reasons you may be, this will be discussed throughout the assessment meeting. If you have rent arrears, a payment plan must be in place and you must be able to show that you are actively making re-payments.

7) What if im having problems with my landlord or in my tenancy? Your rent must be paid even if you are having issues with your landlord or repairs- withholding rent payments will only get you into arrears and put your tenancy at risk. If you have problems with the property or repairs are not being completed speak to your Rent Deposit Scheme worker. Be honest & open with your worker & landlord- if there is a problem with paying your rent on time or your income has changed and you can’t pay when expected. It is better dealing with this as soon as you can rather than letting it build into a bigger issue.

8) I don't live in the North East, Manchester or Bradford, can I still apply. Unfortunately not, this is funded scheme restricted to these areas. Please check out our other accomodation offers such as Independent Living if you live in London

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