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At Centrepoint, we're changing the way we do things. We’re passionate about platforming young people’s perspectives and putting them at the centre of their own stories. We want to make sure that young people's lived experience is central to every decision we make - and that includes the content we create and share. 

We’re launching a Content Creators group, where we’ll work with current and former residents and service users who are interested in contributing to Centrepoint’s content output. This includes co-creating content, sharing their experiences, or amplifying content on our behalf.  

What opportunities are available? 

  • Social media – creating content, or sharing it with their personal networks 

  • Podcast – presenting, producing, or being a panel member 

  • Website – writing about their experience, or creating blogs 

  • Video – case study films, or creating their own video content 

  • Press – speaking to the media 


We have lots of different content opportunities and we want to make sure young people can work on the things they’re passionate about.

What is the value for young people? ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Work experience 

  • Platform to raise voices 

  • CV building and references 

  • Showreel 

  • Empowerment and advocacy 

  • Tangible and collaborative content that you can keep and feel proud of 

  • Expenses (travel and food) 

  • Opportunities to get involved in events and campaigns  

  • Opportunity to raise awareness of your projects, where appropriate 

  • Reward and recognition 


Potential skills development: ​​​​​​​

  • Collaboration and team working 

  • Understanding of social media landscape and content creation 

  • Self-shooting video production 

  • Interviewing skills 

  • Framing arguments and answers in a media context 

  • Writing and editing 

  • SEO 

  • Production – lighting, sound, framing 

  • Confidence building 

  • Presenting skills 

We will always endeavour to provide a personalised value exchange, so if there’s something that’s not on this list, young people are welcome to ask and we’ll see how we can help.

How can young people sign up? 

Our first workshop and shoot day will be in early March, and they’ll be held quarterly. There will also be more sporadic opportunities for young people to get involved with media work and share their story.  

If you know any young people who would like to get involved, please share this form so they can register their interest.  

For any questions, or to share opportunities where you’d like to work with the Content Creators group, please reach out to myself or Tamsin Clements. 

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